THE Fastest Internet YOU CAN GET 20X Faster Than DSl**

for 12 mos.
FREE Modem
FASTEST SPEED 60 Mbps was 30 Mbps
Plenty of bandwidth for more devices to share at the same time.
Great for surfing, e-mail, downloading music, uploading photos, streaming videos, watching movies, online gaming and transferring large files

Charter Spectrum Internet Features

Charter Security Suite

Charter Security Suite Safe guard your system and personal information with antivirus and firewall protection that helps ward off viruses, hackers, and privacy threats.

Charter Spectrum Email Accounts

10 E-Mail Accounts

With up to 10 email accounts included in your service, the whole family can have access to a personal account and emails.

Charter Home Internet Access

Customize your content and watch all the latest news, sports, weather, and much more right from your home page.

Spectrum WiFi Access


Get better speed and further range with more of your Internet enabled devices from home with WiFi access.

Speed and Security

The days of dealing with a slow, stuttering connection are a thing of the past as Charter Spectrum Internet speeds take you to places like never before. Enjoy new speeds that are 20X faster than standard DSL. Plenty of bandwidth is available for all of your devices to share simultaneously without any problem. Surf the web with high speed Internet that won’t keep you down. . In addition to keeping your computers safe from malware and privacy threats, Charter Internet packages include measures to protect your children as well with the easy to use parental controls which block access to specified content based on age, category, and time of day. Search “Internet services in my area” to check Charter Spectrum availability in your neighborhood along with the protection it brings. You will be pleased that Charter Internet prices offer so much for so little.

Do it all

In conjunction with its appealing speeds, Charter ISP allows users to do it all. Whether for business or entertainment, education or distraction, Charter Spectrum Internet offers you the ability to have a go at it all. Update your social profiles and stay up-to-date with your friends online. Download files and documentation for work or school related projects. Sharing and swapping out email accounts with your family is no longer necessary. Charter Internet deals offer plans that include email accounts to cover everyone individually. Upload photos and videos for your friends and family to enjoy in other countries. Listen to music, stream videos, watch movies, play games, and enjoy everything that the web has to offer. For a small monthly fee, get complete use of the 60 Mbps available to you all throughout your household. As one of the best Internet services available, the list of possibilities provided is nearly endless.